Our Heritage Your Legacy

Humanity is slowly but surely recovering from the extended period of collective trauma due to the two long years of pandemic that have led humanity into a financial and emotional depression.


Slowly but surely social life is finding a new path towards a meaningful and creative interaction harnessing any opportunity to meet and interact making the most of what we have and work physically rather than virtually. Working together to move forward and evolve as an entity made of diversity.


As a European Art and design Gallery our main objective is to learn about our heritage and share our legacy to the world.


We search for those unknown and famous designers and their timeless furniture entirely made in their period who marked their era by bringing

to their community a non-conformist vision of living making every day's life easier. They combined traditional the craftsmanship, functionality and brought some glamour introducing exotic woods and some luxurious details.


We consider every single furniture that we find as a unique history bearer, it carries the imprint of time, year after year of living with all those families carrying all these age and use marks, gives it that unique personality that defines its character and tells us the story about those who preceded us. We care about all those imperfections that makes each one of them unique.

We love the imperfections on the furniture that we restore. We do not alter, transform or try to hide the imperfections, when we restore we respect the personality of every single furniture that we touch, we try to keep as much as we can of its original condition, we're just giving it a refresh, a new life for the years to come.


We do not use sanding machines or any other machinery, we avoid sanding or scrapping, when sanding is required for finish we use very fine grain by hand like our ancestors did, we use only our bare hands, a spatula, cotton waste, and as much as we can we use ecological friendly products inspired from antique cabinet makers that have proven to be time resistant such as shellac and bee wax. We try to make our own bee wax balm from our local bee keepers to meet our sustainable goals. Also reuse materials of different kinds recovered from other discarded furniture. we do however sometimes use some lacquer, stripper when it is required under a safe controlled environment. We minimize our impact on our surroundings. Our warehouse and restoration workshop is embedded in green, surrounded by nature where we keep a healthy population of all local species. bird feeders, insect hotels, ponds for frogs and salamanders...etc and a large variety of plants and flowers to feed them all naturally without too much of a human intervention.We blend nature into our home. By applying our concept we minimize our impact on nature, we act locally but we think globally.


A lot of furniture arrive to us destroyed, burned, really damaged and impossible to restore but this is not a loss as we recover all those interesting parts that survived and redesign from the scraps good quality furniture. By upcycling and using discarded furniture as raw materials to create new furniture, we do not take part in deforestation. We rather use what was left by our predecessors. Use what is already there to recreate timeless design furniture that are ecological, sustainable and practical. For a better future use what is already there.